Get started quickly

Workshops are a great way to jump-start strategic projects. When team members are in a comfortable environment with experienced facilitators, they quickly establish success criteria for projects and plans for ongoing collaboration. A brand workshop can define brand positioning to writing best practices, every one of our workshops is highly customized, well-organized, and super fun.


The team at Wordland has been running content and branding workshops with C-level stakeholders, designers, developers, and product managers for over 20 years. We love running workshops because it means we can leave our screens behind and focus on solving problems with language together.

Ranging from 2 hours to 2 days depending on your goals, here are some of the workshops Wordland has run for businesses:

  • Writing best practices

  • Product positioning

  • Competitive analysis

  • Voice and tone

  • Target audience needs

  • Customer journey mapping

  • Content strategy

  • Editorial training

“It felt very simple, straightforward, and human. Plus, I finished writing something and sent it off for review (and I had been postponing for months!).”
— Writing Workshop for Product Designers attendee

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