Case Study:

Fine-tuning a brand for future success

“It was great! We had actionable work and next steps.”
— Alex Scott, Product and Design, Revere

A startup branding strategy to grow with

Revere is a successful startup that had been in business for 5 years when co-founders Vanessa and Alex brought Wordland in to help with brand positioning. Since their product had evolved along with the company, Revere wanted updated marketing messages to roll out across all touch points. To prep for their ongoing growth, they also wanted to clearly explain the company’s values to new employees.

Language to inspire team members and customers

Wordland and Revere worked toward gaining a stronger understanding of who they were as a company and how they could create a stable and flexible new brand personality to sustain them for years to come.

Rethinking Revere’s brand one workshop at a time

A series of customized workshops gave the team at Revere the structure to reconsider their brand with new perspective. In one workshop, we prioritized target audiences for marketing and identified their wants and needs. Then we analyzed the competitive landscape to find out what made Revere distinct among other companies offering similar services.

What makes so much better than other data analysis solutions for marketers? We honed in on the answer in a brand positioning workshop that brought together the newly-gained understanding of Revere’s audiences and the marketplace.

Finally, in one last workshop, Wordland helped Revere craft key messages to bring it all together.

An “ink-ready” strategy

Our work together left Revere with a fresh new approach to extending the company’s brand. They’ve used our startup branding guidelines to produce new marketing materials; redesign Revere’s website; and keep employees inspired, informed, and “on message.”

One of the best moments for the Wordland team was when co-founder Alex agreed to get the new mission statement, to “reveal data’s hidden insights,” tattooed on his arm.

We’re still laughing…and waiting for that tattoo.


Examples of our work for Revere