Case Study:

Refining a brand for future success

“It was great! We had actionable work and next steps.”
— Alex Scott, Product and Design, Revere

A strategy for continued success

Revere is a successful startup that had been in business for 5 years when Wordland came in to help with brand positioning. Due to their growth as a company, Revere was facing the challenge of onboarding new employees, including marketers. While prepping for this new stage in the life of their business, they realized they had yet to firmly define their brand.

Wordland stepped in to put Revere’s mission into words. Through a series of workshops, Wordland and Revere worked toward gaining a stronger understanding of who they were as a company and how to position themselves for continued growth in the next 5 years.

Rethinking Revere’s brand one workshop at a time

Wordland’s series of workshops gave the team at Revere the space to think about their brand differently. In one workshop, we discussed target audiences to find out who we were trying to speak to through strategic branding. Then we analyzed the competitive landscape to find out what made Revere distinct among other companies offering similar services. In another workshop, we discussed how to apply the newly gained understanding of Revere’s audiences and competitors to position their brand. Finally, in one last workshop, Wordland helped Revere craft key messages to bring it all together.

The result was a broad understanding of the company’s brand with a strategy that could be carried forward to produce new marketing materials; redesign Revere’s website; and keep employees inspired, informed, and “on message.”


Examples of our work for Revere